The strength
of an idea

The perseverance
of one man

The story of our company began in 1994, when Gerardo Cuomo decided to make his dream a reality, opening the Caseificio Valdostano dairy in Aosta. From that moment on, the company began distributing milk and other dairy products to all corners of the Aosta Valley.

The following year, alongside early brand produce, the first major success arrived: Fior di Montagna mozzarella. The mozzarella won people over right away with its delicious flavour and harder texture. It was love at first bite!

The success of Fior di Montagna inspired Gerardo Cuomo to change course slightly to try and grow the customer base by expanding the range of items on sale. From this idea, Super Chef, a brand aimed at caterers and restaurateurs whose catalogue includes meat, fish, charcuterie and canned foot, was born. With these new bases, the fleet was ready to venture into new regions in an attempt to gain new customers.

In nearby regions, Caseificio Valdostano and Super Chef won over caterers, restaurateurs and consumers right away. The public vindicated the choices made by the company, aimed—from the outset—at pursuing high-quality produce.

The turn of
the new millenium

The beginning of the new millennium and opening of borders between European countries inspired the company to look beyond Italy. Nearby France was just the first step of what would be a long journey from Northern to Southern Europe.

France was followed by Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Greece and, not only did product distribution expand, but corporate sites controlled by the Italian holding company were established in each of these countries. Then, in 2012, the company — Società Valdostana di Ristorazione Alberghiera — was acquired, marking a major step in the company’s understanding of catering-sector clientèle.

The expansion of the business led to a number of logistical and image-related changes. In 2010, the headquarters was relocated to a service area in Pollein to provide more space for offices, the warehouse and vehicles.

In 2012, Caseificio Valdostano became Ristorfoods. This step was necessary to better reflect not only the new European landscape but the modern nature of distributors of various goods. From this point on, Ristorfoods would provide its clients with various types of products, meeting all the needs of caterers and restaurateurs, from food to equipment.

Three years later, at the Pollein site, Gourmarket —the company’s first cash and carry selling directly to customers—was born.

Ristorfoods today

2021 marked a fresh start after the period of decline caused by the pandemic. To emphasise this new beginning, the company was completely re-branded, with a new logo and matching image.

An outlet for tasting and directly purchasing wine and oil opened in Sallanches. In this place designed for French customers, visitors can, under the guidance of a sommelier, taste hundreds of samples from the best Italian wineries and oil producers before deciding on their purchase.

In 2021, the first Ristorfoods franchise was established in the French city of Dijon.