You can have thousands of items in your catalogue and they still won’t be enough to meet the needs of caterers. A thorough understanding of the supply chain and market, efficient logistics and impeccable customer assistance are also needed

Our years’ worth of experience and in-depth knowledgeof the sector make us a go-to company in catering-sector supply. By keeping a close eye on the market and continuing to select new products, we’re able to satisfy any need.

In addition, our tidy warehouse is always well stocked and our logistics are highly efficient.

The professionalism of our agents and staff, gained through in-depth and ongoing training, tops everything off.

  • A wide product range

    25 product categories and around 8000 individual items. A rich and constantly growing assortment that allows us to satisfy the needs of any customer and have all products available at all times, from more classic ones to the latest trends.

  • Efficient logistics

    A large and well-organised warehouse, a fleet of company-owned vehicles and efficient logistics ensure that deliveries are always made quickly and on time. The result is 100% customer satisfaction.

  • Customer care

    Thanks to a network of agents who have an in-depth knowledge of the local areas and maintain strong relationships with our customers, Ristorfoods is able to provide comprehensive support to serve, advise and resolve unforeseen issues. We like to foster human relationships that go beyond the orders we receive.

  • Knowledge of the supply chain

    A thorough and detailed understanding of the supply chain is one of Ristorfoods’ most important assets. An asset that has improved over the years, thanks to almost thirty years' worth of experience in the field of food distribution. In addition, we establish close ties, based on mutual trust, with our commercial partners.