Best Regional Companies on Fortune Italia

Total turnover, the difference between the latest available financial report and the previous one, connections with the local area. In view of these three parameters, and thanks to the database provided by Bureau Van Dijk – a Moody’s Analytics Company – the editorial team at Fortune Italia selected 100 businesses (5 per region) which stand out for growth. These are our Best Regional Companies for 2020. The term regional does not indicate regional in scale – many have extensive international operations – but the role these companies play in their local communities. We decided to exclude public-owned companies, Italian subsidiaries of multinationals and multi-utility providers.

Obviously, this is a pre-covid snapshot, and the fate of many of these companies will depend on their capacity to respond to the current crisis. But it is to this productive fabric, consisting above all of medium-sized businesses that can be competitive on increasingly global markets, that we must look in order to envisage recovery for the Italian economy.

– Fortune Italia