Italian tradition and quality

Our charcuterie selection reflects proud Italian tradition and quality in this area. You can find traditional Italian produce, including world-renowned PDO meats like raw ham from Parma and San Daniele, as well as exquisite, protected varieties from Norcia and Bosses.

And of course, the catalogue wouldn’t be complete without the crown jewel of Valdostan charcuterie: Arnad Lard from the Aosta Valley. It’s the only lard in the world with PDO status and is derived from the fat on the shoulders of Italian-bred pigs weighing over 200 kg, which is processed by hand.

Another Italian delicacy available in our selection is Ariccia pork belly which, in 2011, received PGI status. A unique product whose exceptional features make it stand out: the crunchiness of the crackling, the seasoning of the meat, the pink colour, the softness and the way it’s cooked in the oven.

In the Di Gusto in Gusto product range, a special shout-out goes to our high-quality Piedmontese cooked ham, one of the specialities on offer. Taken from the best heavy legs from Piedmont-reared pigs, it’s the crowning jewel of our cooked meats range. It’s free from polyphosphates, gluten and lactose, and is seasoned with a pinch of salt and a secret blend of natural spices.