Our butcher’s section offers an outstanding selection

The range is varied and extensive in terms of the types of meat and cuts available,  and includes produce from Italy and abroad from the best livestock in each country, including Blonde d’Aquitaine  cattle from France, Fassona  cattle from Piedmont, Wagyu  cattle from Japan, veal  from Holland and pigs  from Emilia Romagna. In each location, we seek out the best farms to offer you only the best cuts.


From the Aosta Valley, we choose AREV-certified Valdostan beef from certified supply chains that guarantee the animal’s origin thanks to the registration of the cattle in the Valdostan Breed Genealogical Book.

As well as the wide range on offer, the produce is carefully packaged too. Many cuts are packaged clean and ready to use, some of which come with recommendations for the correct cut to use for the best result, even for those who are inexperienced or new to handling meat.



Our prepared meat section also includes burgers. In addition to classic beef and chicken varieties, our selection includes burgers made from more niche meats like venison and wild boar, as well as vegetable- and fish-based ones.