Our catalogue also contains a wide selection of beverages to satisfy all catering-sector needs. The mineral water, soft drinks, beers and plethora of wines to choose from ensure a comprehensive supply of beverages.


Our wide variety of wines covers almost every wine-producing region in Italy. The selection ranges from world-renowned fine wines to those made by small niche producers, and also includes cooking wines, table wines and meditation/sipping wines. We’re also able, with the aid of our dedicated sommeliers, to advise customers and create a personalised wine list with them.


The beer section features a wide array of products that, in addition to classic beers, includes artisan Italian beers that keep the range rich and varied, with something to suit the tastes of different customers. Close attention is paid to quality and variety in this area too.


When it comes to mineral water, we remain very conscious of our impact on the environment. Mineral water is available in lots of varieties and formats, including a line of water in eco-green packaging and tins. As well as water, this section also contains ready-to-use ice cubes whose water comes from the unspoilt springs of the Hyblaean Mountains in Sicily.


In the soft drinks section, classic brands are accompanied by certain products selected for their emphasis on quality and the origin of the raw materials.

One example is the 100% Italian-made MoleCola. This beverage has close ties to the country because it was conceived in Turin, made with mineral water from Piedmont and sugar grown and processed in Italy, flavoured with natural flavourings in Florence, and bottled in Italy. With its authentic style and Italian taste, this cola stands out from the crowd.